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I fully understand and agree that Gwen Connor, Stars & Gems. I understand and agree there will be a $30 service fee on any returned checks. I agree to pay all legal fees to collect any debts owed. I have read and understand all the terms of this paper work. I understand no refund will be given unless pageant is canceled or not rescheduled within 6 months.

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*****Enter Free*****

GemStar Ambassador

Refer 5 contestants that have not entered a GemStar Pageant in 2015 & receive all categories Paid!

Sell Good Luck Wishes for $1.00 each to family and friends. You must have Wishes in by Monday before the pageant date.

Sell 35 wishes and receive Beauty paid.

Sell 60 wishes and receive the all categories paid.

Sell 100 wishes and receive all categories s paid and a 3FT trophy.

Sell 150 wishes and receive all categories paid and a 4 FT trophy.

Sell 200 wishes and receive all categories paid and a 5 FT Trophy.

The contestant sell the most wishes over 200 will be our Ambassador and will receive all categories paid, 6FT trophy, crown, & DVD/Blue Ray player.


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GemStar Congeniality:

Refer 5 contestants that has not entered a GemStar pageant in 2014 and enter all Categories for FREE!

The 1 contestant with the most referrals over 5 will be crowned GemStar Congeniality! She or he will be awarded a beautiful crown, custom embroidered title sash, and a 4ft trophy on stage! All referral entries must be received no later than 1 week prior to the pageant to qualify for awards. Each referral must be unique. Contestants may not refer each other to receive credit. Your name must be on their entry form for you to get credit for the referral. 


Call, email, or go to the web site to receive sponsor ticket sheets. You may also have your sponsorís write their name on a sheet of paper with a felt tip pen.

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