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GemStar Miss America Star

This will be a system where attire is Formal wear or Party or Glitz dresses, Namely a back to hobby pageants, were anyone can compete and win at any time, with out the focuses being on how much you paid for the clothes or pictures or coaches, just contestants having fun competing together for a great title and crown for the fun of it.

The dress is not what will be judged your overall appearance will, how well you are put together and look in your clothes if hair is neat and styled, if clothes fit and are clean and the color is good on the child. If you wear make up please do not overly make up your child this is a beauty pageant and we want their beauty to show not be covered up.  


GemStar Miss America Star, which is a back to hobby pageants where you are judged on facial beauty, stage projection, personality, and overall appearance. Not how much your clothes or pictures cost. We are trying to build your child’s self worth, self-esteem and confidence up for future things they wish to try and to teach them sportsmanship and how to boost others up. We ask that all parents and onlookers cheer all the children on and show good sportsmanship at all times. No dress or modeling score.

You/your child will be judged on:

1. Facial beauty this is how pretty the judges think you/your child is and is their opinion. We do allow make-up, but ask that you do not over do the make-up. Make-up should enhance the child’s beauty not cover it up. Hairpieces may be used; but they are not required to win. Children should look their age; so we ask that you do not over do make-up.

2. Stage presentation, personality & poise is the contestant’s ability to capture their audience including the judges, and their ability to walk across the stage projecting that you are confident in front of an audience. Eye contact, how natural their smile is, how confident on stage they are, if they have grace and poise, and show personality.

3. Overall Appearance is judged on from head to toe. If hair is styled neat and becoming for the child’s age, if the make-up is right for that age division.  if clothes fit, are neat and clean, and are they a becoming color and style. Are shoes and socks neat, clean and is the right color (pageant wear should have white shoes and socks in Beauty competition, 0-8yr), if accessories match and are age appropriate. Beauty competition is not based on how much money is spent on clothing or H&M.

We are looking for wholesome contestants. The judges are not searching for a "Miniature Adult" or "Vegas Showgirl." Beauty competition is not based on how much money is spent on clothing, but how well you look in them and how well you are put together.

4 Photogenic is any photo can be a glitz or natural. We are judging the picture not the enhancer. Overly enhanced photo’s take away from the photogenic look of the picture; please keep the enhancement low key.

5 Optional wear this will be run way/up beat casual wear style competition (or if we offer pro-am), you are showing off your outfit and projecting that you are confident in front of an audience, this helps to build up a child’s self esteem and confidence. This outfit can be off the rack or custom made and be embellished. If we offer pro-am you must keep 1 foot on the floor at all times.

Swimwear, casual wear, theme wear, holiday wear, sportswear, or western wear is our outfits to choice from.

We may not offer all these choices at each pageant. Please read paper work carefully.

NO Gymnastics Moves in any Optional wear. This includes back flips, cartwheels, aerials, handsprings, or anything else that resembles gymnastics. You may do heel kicks, prissy walk, facial expressions, but NO GYMNASTICS in any Optional wear. Points will be deducted (1 point per-judge) if you do any gymnastics. This is for the safety of our contestants

* Expensive designer clothing is not necessary.   



1. Contestants / Guests will show good sportsmanship. GemStar Pageants directors have the right to enforce this rule at their discretion. All Judges decisions are final.

2. Please read & understand all category explanations / ask pageant related questions well in advance of pageant day.

3. Please note all Registration / Competition Times in order to keep pageant moving in a timely manner.

4. A Referred contestant is someone that has not compete a GemStar pageant in this year / must be competing contestants / your name must appear on their entry form and referral must send in an entry form and deposit by deadline for you to receive credit.

4. Presented Awards determined by overall pageant participation. We reserve the right to add more awards/gifts/bonds/etc. We reserve the right to combine a division to small or separate a division that is to large this includes Supreme/Overall divisions also.

5. No refunds on pageant fees (unless pageant cancelled or not rescheduled within 6 months). If you cannot attend deposit will be put toward another pageant.

6. I release GemStar pageants, Place of pageant, Pageant Staff, Pageant Facility, or any other persons affiliated with this event from any accidents, damages, lost, or sickness that may occur directly or indirectly with this event. I also give permission to use any photos/videos taken for further advertisement.

7. I agree to pay all fees including but not limited to attorney fees in connection with returned check (including $25.00 return check fee). NO checks or E-check will be accept 2 weeks prior to pageant.

8. No discounts are accepted with out a deposit. To redeem any/all discounts or free events a deposit must be in by deadline. If you have received Angel Cash/discounts you may only redeem one (1) the highest or up to $100.00 total off Nationals/Mini Natioanls, $50 off States, and $25 off preliminaries. If there is a Discount and you have won a guest book drawing or fees off from a pageant you attended you may take fees off you have won or discount package price but not both.

9. Please do not call and ask who is in your division or how many or how many is in the pageant. This information will not be given out. This information is subject to change and we do not want to give inaccurate information.  We do take door entries, so number are subject to change.

10. Score sheets are given out after crowning and judges will be on hand for Mothers to talk to them as long as the mother does so in a civil manner, no un-sportsman like conduct will be tolerated at any time. Auditor also will be available for questions after crowning; Director will gladly answer your question also. Score sheets may have a carbon copy and all score sheets and master sheets will be available for viewing.

11. We will give everyone time to get ready for competition as long as they do not abuse this time, we want everyone to be at their best, so please take in to consideration the amount of time you take to get ready. 1 tenths of a point will be deducted from each judge for being late, which will be take off of total supreme score!



Parent/guardian signature______________________________ Date______________

My above signature is my agreement to all GemStar Pageant rules and regulations.

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