Stars & Gems Pageant Productions "Hostess" Referral Program

Welcome! We are pleased to offer a "Hostess" Referral Program.
Now, Let us explain how this works.
Anyone interested in earning fees off Preliminaries, State, Mini National, or National can help the Directors by helping Host a Preliminary Pageant in their Home Town/Area.

Here's Everything that is involved in becoming a Preliminary Hostess":
1) The Hostess will be responsible for giving the Director all contact information for all possible locations the preliminary may be held at.

2) The Hostess will be responsible for giving the Director all contact information for ALL Local Newspapers for ads for the preliminary pageant.

3) The Hostess will be responsible for distributing forms and recruiting contestants to the preliminary pageant. All Entry Forms must have the Hostess's Initials/Name in order to receive proper credit.

4) The Hostess will receive referral credit and will
receive $5 credit for every contestant you get to enter that pageant, this can be used at a prelim, state, mini national or national pageant, and you/your child's entry for that preliminary is paid. She will also be crowned our Friendship Queen and receive a crown and sash.

5) Fees Off for the Hostess will be based on the number of contestants that participate at the preliminary pageant they host.

**NOTE! You will ONLY get Credit for the Contestants YOU Personally get to the Pageant. The Contestant's Entry Form MUST BE Marked with the Hostess's Name or Referral #. You have to recruit these contestants to the pageant for credit; this is what your State Finals Discount is based on!! The Directors provide all Entry Forms for you to distribute.

Please Note: No Fees are transferable for money or to any other person. The Preliminary Hostess is ONLY responsible for all of the above listed. Stars & Gems Pageant director will provide the Hostess with All Entry Forms. Stars & Gems director is responsible for all facility fees, trophies, awards, etc., all expenses of the preliminary pageant. The Hostess will receive nothing monetary for their involvement in the preliminary pageant, Only Fees off a Preliminary, State or Mini or National pageants.

If you are Interested in becoming a Preliminary Pageant Hostess, Contact the Directors ASAP! Prelims are booking fast. We will travel to your area!
The Hostess Program is based on a first come, first serve basis. So we suggest if you are interested, Email or Call the Directors and start earning your fees paid today. Email: or call Gwen at 731-234-0580 (Cell) 731-217-4895