Score sheets  

You are given your score sheets after crowning and you are allowed to view the master sheet after crowning.


Beauty Score sheet

Age Division                                      Contestantís Number



Beauty    20   19.9   19.8   19.7   19.6   19.5

Facial beauty only, Judges opinion.


Stage Projection     15   14.9   14.8     14.7    14.6   14.5

Eye contact with judges, smile, personality (comfortable on stage), confidence.


Poise: 15   14.9   14.8     14.7    14.6   14.5

0-3 if they look happy and not fussing or crying.

4-up Gracefulness in turns and walking. Standing straight and tall, not which modeling style they do or (which X they go to first)


Overall Appearance      10   9.9   9.8   9.7   9.6   9.5

Hair, make-up, dress fit-color-style is becoming, shoes are clean and right color, socks are clean, acc. are right for outfit, tan is even,  general appearance is together.



Beauty Total_______________________________________



Dress/Attire     10   9.9   9.8   9.7   9.6   9.5

Fit, style, color is becoming, if color washes child out, Overly glitz canít see child for all the glitz, to big, too small, hangs uneven, to long, to short, (for the style of dress it is)

Not how glitzy or not glitzy it is or how much they paid for it. Dress should enhance not over power contestant.



Smile/Eyes    10   9.9   9.8   9.7   9.6   9.5

0-3 Smile  & 4-up Eye contact with judges.


Supreme Total__________________________________________









Photogenic Score Sheet

Score on Clarity, Enhancement (how well it is enhanced), Overall Appeal. 1-10

Name & number





Highest Score



















































We do not give Photogenic score sheets to the constant, but they may view them after crowning. Photogenic does not go in for Queen or Supreme.











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